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SAP Business One

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The Tools You Need to Take a Proactive Approach

Business Objects allows you to run a variety of reports and analytics at a moment’s notice, giving you the information you need to intercept a problem at its inception, identify trends as they arise, and take a proactive approach to your business in general.

Crystal Reports

Business One pairs seamlessly with Crystal Reports to deliver insightful reports that can immediately be quantified and put to use. The ability to pull data from various places at any given moment allows you to create reports tailored to your exact needs. Crystal Reports also gives you the ability to customize existing reports as your needs change from moment to moment.

Crystal Reports works with tools like Adobe Flash and Adobe Flex to translate reports into professional and compelling visuals. Once you are ready to share these reports you can easily export them to a variety of electronic formats that best fit your business needs and deliver or embed them into other applications securely.

Business Objects Edge BI

If you are a midsize company looking to improve business intelligence (BI) processes and separate you from the competition, Business Objects Edge BI is just what you need. This software will aid you in addressing any BI need and utilize the systems you are already working with to the best of their ability.

Business Objects Edge BI lends itself to integrations with any third party application such as web stores, vendor price lists, on-line tax calculation applications, and third party logistics companies. If you are a subsidiary of a larger company, Business Objects Edge BI can also be integrated with the accounting systems of parent organizations.