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Learn how Achieve It Solutions has helped our customers to streamline and grow new business, gain real-time insight into product performance, financials, management, and the analytics to uncover new revenue streams with SAP Business One, SAP Business Objects, and Achieve One.

Recent Case Studies

Citland International LLC

Citland International Goes Live with SAP Business One from Achieve IT Solutions

New Software helps streamline operations, provide insightful analysis, and a platform for continued growth.

Citland International, ( a leading mining supply distributor based in Alpharetta, GA, was founded in 1989, core strength lies in its ability to source and procure cost effectively. In addition to sourcing in traditional markets such as North America, Australia, South Africa, and Western Europe, Citland also has developed a network of sources in emerging countries such as China, India, Turkey, Brazil and several others in Eastern Europe and the Far East.

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Reliance: Improving Inventory Control and Reducing Order Errors to Less Than 0.1%

Wholesale Distribution - Reliance Communications

Reliance: Improving Inventory Control and Reducing Order Errors to Less Than 0.1% with SAP Business One® and Resolv

Wireless agents nationwide depend on Reliance to ship the devices they need when they need them. They can’t afford to miss a launch or to stock stale product. Reliance understands that effective distribution goes beyond just moving boxes; the company’s customers’ bottom lines are built on timing, so it requires a fast, efficient, and uncomplicated system to support its needs.

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