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Reliance: Improving Inventory Control and Reducing Order Errors to Less Than 0.1%

Wholesale Distribution - Reliance Communications

Reliance: Improving Inventory Control and Reducing Order Errors to Less Than 0.1% with SAP Business One® and Resolv

Wireless agents nationwide depend on Reliance to ship the devices they need when they need them. They can’t afford to miss a launch or to stock stale product. Reliance understands that effective distribution goes beyond just moving boxes; the company’s customers’ bottom lines are built on timing, so it requires a fast, efficient, and uncomplicated system to support its needs.

Reliance partnered with Achieve IT Solutions

Reliance partnered with Achieve IT Solutions and implemented the SAP Business One® application to tackle these challenges. In addition to efficient product tracking and inventory controls, it needed real-time reporting on stock levels and locations and intuitive reporting mechanisms to track all phases of customer activity. SAP Business One, with Resolv logistics and warehouse management software from Achieve IT Solutions, addressed all of the company’s needs and more. With a solid enterprise resource planning system in place, it can now focus its resources on growing the business.

Resolution with Resolv WMS

• Cut over to new system over a weekend, and billed more than US $1 million on the second day after launch

• Introduced integrated 2D bar-coding and warehouse solution for order fulfillment, increasing accuracy and speed

• Created process that allows for upload of advanced-shipping notifications for immediate receiving and shipping of large-quantity, high-volume product – shipping more than 1.5 million smartphones (all serial number tracked) in the first month

• Built system to automatically create and e-mail PDF documents of invoices