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B2B or B2C eCommerce Needs.

Achieve IT Solutions and Focused Impressions team together to offer you 35 built-in templates, a pixel-perfect product customizer, and responsive design are just some of the capabilities that enable webstore setup in just minutes. From branding to one-click buy/checkout to customer analytics and more—we deliver all the capabilities to create and sustain a customer experience that fuels online sales and leverages the power of your SAP Business One solution with a smooth integration.

SAP Business One

Strengthen your supply chain

Today, more than ever, a good distribution strategy is integral to the supplier management framework. It reduces product decay, while improving customer service. The broader field of supply chain management can help an organization plant seeds for long-term financial stability. By using FocusPoint eCommerce, companies can reduce costs, improve data accuracy, streamline business processes, accelerate business cycles, and enhance customer service..

B2B & B2C eCommerce and Marketing

FocusPoint gives SAP Business One users one platform with multi-channel capabilities, incorporating eCommerce, sales, marketing, and Point-of-Sale (POS) – all fully integrated with SAP Business One.

The Deepest SAP Business One Integration – Bar None

Using the SAP Business One Integration tools, Focused Impressions has built the deepest, lowest cost integration to SAP Business One in the marketplace. Core mappings and bi-directional functionality between SAP Business One and FocusPoint are ready to go — out of the box.


FocusPoint aggregates marketing content and vendors in a single place to streamline campaign execution across communication channels. A suite of reports and dashboards can be accessed on-demand 24/7. Plus, you can extend your campaign reach and audience with the click of a button that integrates campaigns with your social media platforms.

Self-Service Portals and Webstores

Tight integration to SAP Business One and our unmatched expertise in eCommerce enable the setup of customer self-service portals and webstores expeditiously vs. the extended and complicated methods of other solutions.

The First Fully Integrated and Certified eCommerce and Marketing Solution for SAP Business One

Using the SAP Business One Integration tools, FocusPoint for SAP Business One was built from the ground up exclusively for SAP Business One. FocusPoint has met SAP’s exacting technical and security standards, and has achieved solution certification for SAP Business One and was selected by SAP for the Cloud Industry Package.

Choose the plan that works best for you!

Standard Package Professional Package
• Cloud or On Premise   • Cloud or On Premise
• Self-Service Portal (Quotes, Sales Order/Invoice/ Delivery/
Return History, Open Invoice Payment, Credit Memos)
• Notifications/Reminders ( not checked out)
• Campaign Approval Workflows
• Rewards/Loyalty
• Surveys
• Marketing, Sales, Communications, Events and Promotional campaigns
via Multimedia, Digital, Email, Print and Podcasts
• Social Media Marketing Integration
• Campaign Analytics
• Campaign Scheduler
• B2B & B2C Functionality • B2B & B2C Functionality
• Grid/Bulk Ordering • Multi-language Support
• Order Delegation • Multi-currency Support
• Multi-language Support • Webstores/Customer Portals (up to 25)
• Standard Currency Support • Mobile Responsiveness
• Mobile Responsiveness • Premium Customer Analytics
• Sales Analytics • Enterprise eForms and integrated Workflow Engine
• Standard eForms • Enterprise Shipping
• Products (100 GB) • Product Reviews
• Standard Shipping • Customer Profiles
• Product Reviews • Products (100 GB)
• Customer Profiles • Product Bundling and Kitting
• Product Bundling • Suggested Products
• Suggested Products • Special Pricing (based on customer grouping/tiers)
• Self-Service Portal (Order/Invoice History

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