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Inventory Planning

Optimize Your Inventory to Maximize Margins

Supply chain excellence begins with robust Inventory Planning. For organizations utilizing SAP Business One, that solution is Resolv Inventory Planning.

Ensure you’re your investment of cash into Inventory levels is providing a maximum return by reducing carrying and processing costs. Improve customer satisfaction by having the right items available at the right times.

Resolv Inventory Planning compliments the existing Forecasting and MRP capabilities, within SAP Business One, by embedding usage-based procurement and forecasting processes directly into the system.

Core Features and Functionality

  • Fifteen predefined forecasting models, as well as user defined forecasting based on SAP Business One Queries.
  • Calculate Order Points, Min/Max and Safety Stock values, movement classes and Item rankings
  • Automate procurement based on Forecasts and/or Economic Order Quantity
  • Import usage history from legacy systems, or merge history from existing items into new items
  • Capture statistics for Actual and Qualified Usage and actual Lead Time for every item plan
  • Find Surplus inventory and items that require demand action
  • Run simulations and back testing to validate and set the best formulas and controls for each item plan

Key Functional Areas

Item by Warehouse Inventory Features:

  • Monthly Usage History
  • ABCD Item Forecasting
  • Lead Time Tracking
  • Replenishment Path Default - Buy, Make or Transfer
  • Movement Classifications
  • Safety Allowance
  • Min/Max Restocking
  • Order Point/Line Point Restocking
  • Economic Order Quantity (EOQ)
  • Default Forecasting Formula

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