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Operations Transaction Center (OTC)

Improve Workflows

Resolv Operation Transaction Center (OTC) streamlines the information from SAP Business One into an “at your fingertips” display. Optimized for different roles, OTC provides real time information about all aspects of the customer or vendor relationships and inventory status. Utilizing filters, it becomes extremely easy to switch between current and historical data, summary and detailed information, details by customer, salesperson or warehouse, and to drill into expanded data.

Make better decisions faster with accurate real time information available without needing to invest in reports, queries or pulling together multiple areas of SAP Business One. Provide faster and more complete customer service levels by empowering your employees to see the bigger picture.

Core Features and Functionality

The OTC module provides users with comprehensive functionally allowing them to optimize operations across their business including areas such as:

  • Provides One Click access from Quote to Credit Memo, Activities, Service and all Resolv modules
  • Create new transactions and drill into data directly from OTC
  • Order Pad functionality enables pricing and availability with historical purchasing filters
  • Requires no setup and uses the data already in your SAP Business One system
  • Intuitive interface requires minimal training

Key Functional Areas

OTC Inquiries

  • Customer
  • Vendor
  • Item
  • WMS
  • Sales Analysis
  • Purchasing Analysis

Free Version Available

A free version of this module is available to any business running SAP Business One.

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